5 Reasons to Consider Orthodontic Care for Your Little One

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5 Reasons to Consider Orthodontic Care for Your Little One

Early in your child’s life, orthodontic care can prevent or correct several problems. Learn which common issues such care can help.

Orthodontic care is often associated with adolescence and teenage years, but earlier care can go a long way. While not all kids need early treatment, it can save a lot of hassle for kids who may.

At Lovely Smiles Orthodontics in Richmond, Texas, Dr. Nicole Thompson and our team are pleased to provide orthodontic care for children, teens, and adults.

Read on to learn more about early orthodontic care, including five reasons your child might benefit.

Early orthodontic care basics

Early orthodontic care can start once your child has a mix of permanent and baby teeth. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that kids have their first orthodontic exam no later than age 7. 


This timing helps ensure that your child’s teeth are still developing, and we can address issues in the works before they worsen, and your child may need less orthodontic care later on. Addressing alignment issues now may lower the likelihood that they’ll need braces later.

Reasons to consider orthodontic care for your child

Early orthodontic care can help correct a range of problems, setting the stage for healthier teeth and gums moving forward. 

Reasons to seek early orthodontic care include these common issues:

  1. Alignment issues from habits like thumb-sucking
  2. Crossbite
  3. Extreme crowding
  4. Too much space between teeth
  5. Underbite

Furthermore, orthodontic care can boost your little one’s confidence and lower their risk of sports injuries or other trauma complications. A protruding tooth, for example, is more likely than a straight tooth to chip or fracture during a football tackle or fall.

What to expect from your child’s first visit

Your child’s first orthodontic appointment involves talking about and looking at your child’s teeth. In addition, we take some dental photos and X-rays so that we can give you an in-depth picture of the status of your child’s teeth. We make sure that your child feels physically comfortable throughout the process.

If we notice any problems that need to be treated early, we will discuss the recommended treatment plan with you.

Depending on your child’s dental issue and age, we may recommend traditional braces or clear aligners known as Invisalign®. In some cases, tooth extraction and an appliance like a palatal expander are part of the treatment plan, as well.

We walk you through the next best steps, including minimizing any related pain or nervousness your child may experience. Our goal is to keep them as comfortable as possible while providing the best care.

To learn more about kids’ orthodontics or to get the care your child needs, call Lovely Smiles Orthodontics at 832-219-7687 or book an appointment through our website.