How Does the BRIUS™ System Work?

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How Does the BRIUS™ System Work?

Are you exploring your orthodontic treatment options, but not sure which one is right for you? In this blog, we cover the BRIUS™ system, explain how it works, and highlight the five benefits of this system.

BRIUS™ is a revolutionary alignment system that offers an alternative to traditional braces and tray aligners like Invisalign®. BRIUS utilizes advanced technology to shift your teeth into their final positions without the need for treatment wires. 

If you're interested in exploring BRIUS as an orthodontic alignment solution, you'll be pleased to know that it's available here at Lovely Smiles Orthodontics in Richmond, Texas. Dr. Nicole Thompson and our team of experienced orthodontic professionals are committed to providing the latest and most effective orthodontic solutions to our patients.

Below, we take a closer look at how BRIUS works, and explore its benefits as an alignment solution.

The BRIUS system

BRIUS is an orthodontic alignment system that uses Independent Movers™ to shift your teeth into the desired positions. Unlike the brackets of traditional braces, these devices are cemented to the back sides of each tooth and are custom-designed to fit each patient's unique dental anatomy. 

Flexible NiTi arms 一 uniquely shaped arms made of flexible nickel-titanium 一 connect each tooth to a rigid bar and stabilize the BRIUS appliance on either your hard palate (for your upper teeth) or your lingual vestibule (for your lower teeth). Each Flexible NiTi arm is designed with a certain thickness and angle to produce all the necessary force to move your teeth into their final positions. The flexibility of the NiTI draws on shape memory to move into the correct positions. Because your teeth are not connected by an archwire, the movement of one tooth doesn’t affect another. As a result, all of your teeth move simultaneously yet independently. 

Additionally, the system's customized movers are designed to create the necessary force for tooth movement without the need for frequent adjustments, leading to a more comfortable treatment experience.

Benefits of BRIUS

BRIUS uses advanced technology to help you reach your orthodontic goals, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are five more benefits to BRIUS treatments:

1. Invisible treatment

One of the key benefits of BRIUS is that it offers an almost invisible solution for orthodontic alignment. Unlike traditional braces or clear aligners, the customized movers are bonded to the back of the teeth, making them virtually invisible when smiling or speaking.

2. More comfortable experience

Another benefit of BRIUS is the lack of treatment wires. This means you experience less discomfort during treatment since there are no wires to tighten. Additionally, the customized movers require fewer adjustments than traditional braces, leading to a more comfortable treatment experience overall.

3. Effective for simple and complex cases

Not all orthodontic solutions are right for everyone, but it’s important to note that BRIUS is effective for both simple and complex orthodontic cases.

4. Ease of flossing

Flossing with traditional braces is arguably one of the most difficult parts of wearing braces. With BRIUS, you don’t have to worry about flossing around archwires. Because there isn’t a wire that connects all of your teeth, you can easily floss between each tooth.

5. Fewer adjustments needed

Not only do fewer adjustments mean less discomfort, but they also mean fewer trips to our office and less time off from work or school. 

Is BRIUS right for you?

With its numerous benefits, it's no wonder that BRIUS is rapidly becoming a popular choice among orthodontic patients, but is it right for you? At Lovely Smiles Orthodontics, we understand that everyone’s orthodontic needs are unique. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments, including BRIUS, to ensure that our patients can find the solution that best fits their specific dental requirements.

Our team of experts works with you to create a customized treatment plan that helps you achieve the smile you've always wanted. Whether you're interested in BRIUS, traditional braces, or clear aligners, our team provides the personalized care and attention you need to achieve your dental goals.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation in our Richmond, Texas, office, and take the first step toward achieving your dream smile!